Company Detail Information

Number of Employees : 100-500

Industry : Import / Export / General Trading

Company Vision and Mission

TOA Paint Myanmar offers various kind of paint products and services through our dealers to end-users in Myanmar
Our brands in Myanmar Market are as follows:
Emulsion/Water-based Paints:
1) SuperShield
2) SuperShield Duraclean
3) TOA 7 IN 1
4) TOA Shield - 1 Nano
5) 4 Seasons
6) Mandarin Duck
Enamel/Solvent-based Paints:
1) TOA Enamel (Glipton)
2) Mandarin Duck Enamel
Wood Coating:
1) TOA Poly Urethane
2) TOA Lacquer
3) TOA Industrial Lacquer
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